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Available on Paperback and eBook/Kindle on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million & more.  Hardcover via this website.

Data & Diagnosis-Driven Selling

Data & Diagnosis-Driven Selling Book Cover


Data and Diagnosis Driven Selling is a book for modern B2B Sellers that combines the power of diagnosing business problems and the insights developed by leveraging high-quality B2B data, metrics and artificial intelligence. The book helps sales teams harness their selling experience, information intelligence and emotional intelligence more effectively. The readers, now armed with actionable information and coached through the power of guided selling models, can finally break through the bad habits we’ve seen for decades. 

The book communicates best practices in leading technology companies by the top performers in complex selling ecosystems. The Titans featured in this book are the absolute best of the best, and they share their deepest secrets and best practices that have separated them from the pack. Unlike sales methodology books, Data and Diagnosis-Based Selling provides the reader with a straightforward step-by-step process to close larger and more profitable deals in a multi-decision maker, cautious and complex buying context.


"They say nothing can replace experience, and this book doubles down on that concept. Insights and experiences from multiple industry leaders on how the combination of data and diagnosis at every stage of the sales process leads to durable, efficient revenue growth at companies including Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, Anaplan, Oracle, 6sense, Zoom, and SAP."

— Mark Roberge, Founding CRO of HubSpot and Cofounder of Stage 2 Capital

"Through the power of today’s technology, the leverage of data, and the preciseness of industry metrics, this all-star team brings it together in a powerful way while not losing the importance of the human side of sales. The balance is impeccable and makes this a very important book for anyone looking to significantly improve their productivity while not losing sight of the reasons why they have been successful in their selling career thus far."


 Klaus Besier, Former CEO of SAP Americas and ANZ; Former CEO of RES Software, Neoware, Pramata Corporation, and Firepond; Board Member at Suvoda; and Former Board Member at Seven Lakes Technologies, Jibe, Procurian, ERT, and Mavenlink

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Mark Petruzzi

Senior Advisor at Genpact and Boston Consulting Group

Mark Petruzzi has worked in the enterprise software and cloud software ecosystem for 25 years. Today he is an industry leader with distinct focuses on sales transformation, channel/reseller program development and execution, and outsourced sales and marketing.

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Ray Rike.jpeg

Founder and CEO at BenchmarkIt

Ray has over 30 years of experience in subscription software leadership. Starting at GE Information Services, the world’s largest business applica-tion time-sharing service—the precursor to SaaS—Ray has led go-to-market teams across marketing, sales, customer success, and professional services at multiple SaaS companies. He has also served as the president and CEO at two SaaS companies in Silicon Valley. Ray’s collective experience includes five successful company exits.

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Bob Scarperi.jpeg

Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Revenue Vision Partners

Bob has been a high-energy sales leader in professional services, SaaS, financial services, ad tech, mar tech, and management consulting for his entire 32-year career. His company, Revenue Vision Partners, is the industry’s leading data-driven revenue growth consulting firm, helping CEOs, CROs, and other senior leaders make informed choices about the deployment of sales resources using data modeling.

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Paul Melchiorre.jpeg

Operating Partner at Stripes

Paul has 30 years of experience in enterprise software sales and business leadership. Raised in South Philadelphia, Paul is a natural-born salesman and entrepreneur. He started his first business at 13 years old selling news-papers on the beaches of Wildwood, New Jersey. Paul’s street smarts and entrepreneurial spirit translated to industry-leading performance in enter-prise software sales. His innate ability to identify potential, build company portfolios, and take companies public has rewarded him with an illustrious track record of successful exits.

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Cloud Titans

Mark Roberge.png

Founding CRO at HubSpot And Cofounder at Stage 2 Capital

Jon Miller.png

Chief Marketing Officer at Demandbase

Latane Conant.png

Chief Revenue Officer at 6sense

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