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Ray Rike

Ray has over 30 years of experience in subscription software leadership. Starting at GE Information Services, the world’s largest business applica-tion time-sharing service—the precursor to SaaS—Ray has led go-to-market teams across marketing, sales, customer success, and professional services at multiple SaaS companies. He has also served as the president and CEO at two SaaS companies in Silicon Valley. Ray’s collective experience includes five successful company exits.

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About Ray Rike

Ray’s passion has always been to use data, metrics, and benchmarks in combination with deep industry experience to diagnose business challenges. His ultimate goal is to make metrics-informed decisions across customer acquisition, customer retention, and customer expansion processes.


Recognizing the need for more data-driven decisions as the SaaS industry evolved and matured, he founded Benchmarkit to create the B2B SaaS and cloud industry’s most comprehensive benchmarking index. As the founder and chief evangelism officer for Benchmarkit, Ray has worked with leading SaaS companies including Gainsight, Xactly, Salesloft, LeanData, Sage Intacct, Maxio, Mosaic, ClearBit, InsightSquared, MediaFly, and HubSpot to conduct metrics-related benchmarking research across all aspects of a SaaS business, including customer acquisition, expansion, retention, and financial performance metrics.

Ray is a founding member of the SaaS Metrics Standards Board, the first standards-setting body responsible for defining and publishing the SaaS metrics definitions and formulas that investors and operators use on a daily basis. To further his mission to educate the industry on best practices using SaaS metrics and benchmarks, Ray is also the creator of SaaS Metrics Palooza,


SaaS Solution Showcase, and top-ranking podcasts including Metrics that Measure Up and SaaS Talk.


Ray is a graduate of The Ohio State University and continues his involvement with the Fisher College of Business and the Kennan Center for Entrepreneurship.


Ray and his wife, Miriam, recently moved from San Francisco and split time between New York City and Southern California, while also often visiting their adult children in San Francisco, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

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